About Us

Redsol is a firm part of GEMA that integrates services and provides one-stop shop logistic solutions to the Oil & Gas offshore industry in the ports of the Gulf of Mexico.

Redsol started managing the offshore logistic proyects of sister companies, integrating a variety of products and processes, including the fabrication of CCUs.

Our Strength is our people. We focus on delivering the most value to the customer, tailoring our services to specific needs and optimizing activity procedures achieving bottom-line cost savings.

Value Prepositions

  • Logistic Service Integrator
    Redsol has the ability to offer from just pencils, offices to heavy load cranes through its strategic alliances.
  • HUB of Logistic Services.
    Redsol developed the first yard in API Dos Bocas in which our most reliable logistics partners gather to provide a one-stop-shop logistic solution to Rig Operators’ portuary needs.
  • In-Port Offices and Meeting Rooms.
    Redsol makes available office spaces for our clients.
  • Lifting Equipment Supply Chain Tailored Solutions. And CCU's
    By working closely to our clients and determine specific project needs offering the most suitable solution for the most competitive price in the region.
  • Customized Services.
    Dedicated Operation Manager to guarantee meeting client needs and feedback in all steps of the logistic process.
  • Quality system.
    Guaranteeing the compliance of project requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Alternatives for specificneeds.
    Storage, packaging, handling, and transportation.
  • Redundancy of activities.
    Offer back up solutions for our clients.
  • Stowage lashing and securing planning
    Planning of every maneuver for dock and yard operations.
  • Supervision and execution.
    Highly qualified personnel for the loading/unloading maneuvers, handling, and supervision activities.
  • 24/7 Support.
    Its understood that 24/7 support is required in the industry.

Value Chain Partners


KENSA NDT is a specialized Non-Destructive Test Company which has been working for the Oil and Gas Industry for the last 4 years.


The pioneer and leader of the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico since 1979 and the ONLY Mexican Shipping Company with World-wide operations since 1983.


GTAII is a specialized and authorized tank cleaning company with more than 15 years of experience working for the oil and gas sector in onshore/offshore facilities and vessels.


GESTION MARITIMA PORTUARIA is a specialized and authorized oil containment boom placement company at Dos Bocas Port.


Vessel Mexicana is part of GEMA Corporation offering specialized vessels and specialized personnelto the Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas industry.


Company focused in cranes, lifting equipment, and ground transportation in different modalities and capacities; Offering integral solutions for loading, transfer, unloading, and assembly, for the energy, petrochemical, maritime, civil works, and specialized maneuvers industries

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